Other Educators

Educators of all kinds, professional and volunteer, can help teach sound ethics through their consistent example. For those times when a lesson on a specific topic is needed, the resources found in "Doing the Right Thing" can be most helpful, as well.

In each of the six sections of "Doing the Right Thing," you'll note that our participants have chosen to use language that can be accepted and understood by everyone. For educators who are dealing in a public school setting or in other groups that have a split of Christian and non-Christian people, language choices are important. We are trying most of all to teach others the benefits of good moral conduct in their personal and professional lives. We don’t have to debate language in order to achieve these important lessons.

That's why we chose to talk within the framework of the terms "Natural Law," "ethics," and "moral training." These are words understood with a little explanation across the board.

Because discussions of Natural Law are hard to come by on our country's college campuses these days, your small group in your communities, churches, or college campuses may be some of the first exposure your group members get of the Natural Law. So be patient, since for many, this kind of discussion, while interesting, may be quite like speaking a foreign language.

Additional resources: