Medical Professionals

Doctors, nurses, surgical staff, lab technicians, and hospital administrators deal in matters of life and death on a daily basis. Moreover, the ethical challenges they face both in terms of patients' rights, health costs, and which treatments to pursue continue to make the practice of medicine one of the most complex and difficult to negotiate ethically.

A multi-angled discussion among medical professionals, centered around the questions raised by viewing each section of "Doing the Right Thing," can serve as a proper springboard to help medical professionals wrestle with their complex, ethical decisions - and come to a clearer understanding of their important roles in serving the public.

"Doing the Right Thing" goes deeper than the seminars that simply tell you how to avoid legal liabilty and goes straight to why you became a medical professional in the first place:  to help people and to serve them to the best of your ability, both with your intellect and your soul.  No profession has a greater need of both than medicine.

But by opening up a dialogue with fellow health care professionals about the most challenging ethical dilemmas at work, better decisions can result with the help of sound, time-tested values from "Doing the Right Thing."

Importantly, a discussion of the sanctity of human life in this series will help medical professionals as they struggle with difficult life and death situations throughout the span of life, from birth to death. Panelists will discuss why the view of life from Natural Law is so crucial if we are to value each human being for their full worth, challenging those perspectives which attempt to grade one human being’s worth over another.

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