Homeschool Parents

Homeschool Parents have a unique position by which to teach and reinforce the lessons their children learn in "Doing the Right Thing." Not only can they take time to go through each section with their high school aged students - they can model and act out the ethical lessons from Natural Law and the Judeo-Christian ethic throughout the day with their students, challenging them to do the same.

Homeschool parents realize the need to equip students with effective tools to engage the culture outside the home and church. As their children mature and begin to consider their adult lives in college or their first jobs, "Doing the Right Thing" will give them some of these tools to first understand, then effectively deal with many of the challengess the world will have waiting for them.

Viewing "Doing the Right Thing" with your homeschooled children can introduce your children to some of the larger issues that will greet them in the wider world. More importantly, the series will help reinforce the lessons on right and wrong given them at home and church, allowing them to confidently begin their adult lives, contributing positively to their own family, church, community, and work.