College Professors

Whether an educator is a college professor, high school humanities teacher, or a homeschool parent, each of the six lessons presented in "Doing the Right Thing" introduces their students to the reality of what happens to a society when important individual and professional decisions lack a sound ethical basis.

The Western tradition of ethics is rooted in the teachings of the Judeo - Christian ethic as well as Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. This tradition already provides an existing framework that has served many prior generations well as they applied these teachings to each new generation's ethical conundrums.

"Doing the Right Thing" comes out of that Western tradition and provides a compelling framework for today's students to determine for themselves what the Western tradition still offers this generation as they face dilemmas former generations never knew.

The discussions resulting from viewing each of the six sections of this series will help promote more awareness of today's moral challenges-and challenge students to take their future roles seriously, in whatever career and interests they pursue.

While there are nuances and shades of gray in the ethical issues of our times, we must reassert that basic standards of right and wrong continue to exist.

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