Business Professionals

Whether one is a current business leader or one who aims to be one someday, Doing the Right Thing focuses greatly on examples from the business world. This generation has seen its faith in many of its leading business institutions shattered by scandals.

For example, serious moral failings at businesses like Enron and Tyco find their root causes in greed. The same is true with the paralyzing sub-prime mortgage crisis, which has led to so many billions of taxpayer dollars spent on bank bailouts across the country.

The success of the business community is of serious importance to any society. If corporate scandals continue to erode the viability of many businesses and banks to survive, our jobs, tax revenues, and hope for the nation's economic future will all be in jeopardy.

As a result, we must equip a new generation of business leaders with a sense of sound ethics now--or lose the best economy the world has ever known. Now is the time to train ourselves to see the ethical sinkholes far ahead of time.

This video series will lay an ethical foundation for our business leaders that will help them navigate their way through the fast-changing dynamics of their profession.

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