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No matter what profession, career, or job you're in or pursuing, ethics matters - big time. Whether we are dealing with discrimination in the workplace, stealing from the company or shareholders, or the failure to abide by professional standards of conduct, we all need to have a sure ethical framework to understand how to be on the job.

While "Doing the Right Thing" contains valuable lessons for any career path, we believe the discussions resulting from viewing this series is especially relevant to the following vocations, which have an enormous impact on our culture.


Articles and Books to Read

Ethics 101
John C. Maxwell

God in the Dock
Essays on Theology and Ethics | C. S. Lewis

Seventh-Grader Learns that Honesty is the Best Policy
Rance Burger | Lake News Online | April 29, 2011

College Football Passing on Ethics
Observer-Reporter | April 28, 2011

Supreme Court Hears Dispute over Nevada Ethics Law
Nina Totenberg | NPR | April 27, 2011

Pitcher Spurns $12 Million to Keep Self-Respect
Tyler Kepner | The New York Times | Janurary 26, 2011

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