Become Part of the Movement
"I urge you to join the "Doing the Right Thing" movement because together we can recapture a belief in right and wrong." - Chuck Colson
  • Facilitator: Guide a Christian small group through the Doing the Right Thing Series.
  • Movement Facilitator: If you have completed the Doing the Right Thing Series and believe your business, school, or association needs this series.  Team with us to take this series beyond the church.
  • Connector:  If you know of a group or individual that would like to find out more about Doing The Right Thing, please let us know here.
  • Sustainer:  Donate to Doing The Right Thing.  Any donation, no matter how small or large, will play an integral role in sustaining an ethical movement that will last for generations.
  • Projector:  Don’t have the time to facilitate a small group.  Consider a short term project that will bring out your unique talents and positively impact the movement.
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What is a Facilitator?
A facilitator initiates and enables a conversation amongst a small group of people. Using the participant’s book as a guide, a facilitator will seek to create a robust discussion about topics covered in the video series. A facilitator is not a leader and does not need to know the answer to every complex question the series poses. With that thought in mind, anyone who has a passion to share “Doing the Right Thing” with others can become a facilitator.

Why are Movement Facilitators crucial to sustaining an ethical renaissance?
The Church will be the first place that “Doing The Right Thing” will be shown. However, to create an ethical movement it is absolutely essential to share the series with the rest of the world.  Therefore, “Doing The Right Thing” has created a Movement participants guide that can be used by all people regardless of faith.  This guide, along with the series, will challenge many and start the process of an ethical rebirth this world so desperately needs.