"A man without ethics is a wild beast
loosed upon the world" - Albert Camus

Not a day passes without another shocking news story that makes us wonder what kind of culture the next generation will inherit. The sheer greed involved in the sub-prime banking crisis and Bernie Madoff's theft of billions of investor dollars are just two examples in our own country. How did we get here?

On the international scene, the more obvious indicators chill and dismay us: children being used in the international sex trade, reports of genocide and obvious repression in Africa, the ongoing regimens and routines of hatred in the Middle East, religious oppression, wars and rumors of wars.

At the family level the story is more familiar but no less tragic. Divorce, with all its attendant havoc, continues at high rates, including among religious families. Addictions of all kinds are flourishing, especially among the young. Violence and cheating have infected the schools on a surprising scale, and alarming reports of teachers preying sexually on their students are coming to the fore.

Individually and corporately, the evidence continues to mount of a serious crisis of character. What used to be a nagging suspicion is now revealed daily: something is terribly amiss in our society.

We must get on the playing field and winsomely retake the high moral ground--before it's too late.

The time is right for a bold movement to help rediscover Natural Law and to apply it in their personal and professional lives. Time is of the essence if we are to help turn our culture around and you can be a vital part of it in your spheres of influence.